Freelance Writing Roadmap

with Carolyn Crist

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What You'll Learn


The Freelance Writing Roadmap guides freelancers through the step-by-step process from outlining and highlighting their dreams to pitching editors and publishing in their dream publications. What you'll learn:

  • How to pinpoint what you REALLY want from freelancing, why you're doing this and how you can use that to ramp up your successful pitches
  • How to outline your dream publications, editors, story ideas, pitches, story assignments and invoices in order to keep track of your marketing efforts and stay on top of your assignments, ensuring you'll turn in everything by deadline and make your editors come back for more.
  • How to create a system that will create consistent sales, make your schedule manageable, and tell you exactly what steps you need to do next to land your next assignment.

This online video course includes worksheets, spreadsheets and practical exercises to guide you through a personalized setup based on your writing interests and needs.


This is for you if ...

You've wondered for awhile how to make freelance writing sustainable and consistent. You should also take this course if you've been thinking about how to:

  1. Write the perfect pitch email to sell your idea, even if you don't know the editor.
  2. Figure out the best way to craft a story idea that sells.
  3. Find the best publication and editor to place your story.
  4. Determine the best ways to pitch personal essays, reported stories or opinion/editorials.
  5. Diversify you writing outlets and clients to create a side hustle or career that'll fit you — and your wallet.
  6. Ask for the best rate for your story (and what certain publications pay to begin with).
  7. Connect with editors and clients at meetings and conferences where they're most likely to socialize and give assignments each year.

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